Terms of Participation

  1. The competition will take place in 2 (two) categories: Middle School and High School.
  2. The participants must be in 5, 6, 7 or 8th grades for the Middle School category and for the high school category, they must be studying in the Prep, 9, 10, 11 or 12th grade.
  3. Participation in the competition will be with teams of maximum 4 people.
  4. A maximum of 1 (one) team from each school is allowed. In case of more than one application from any school, the first applicant team will be entered according to the time of application form submission.
  5. Teams are required to attend with an advisor teacher.
  6. Teams wishing to participate are required to submit their applications through the application form on our website “www.kodfl.com” until the deadline.
  7. Teams are required to scan and upload the signed-stamped approval document obtained from the school administration to the application form when applying on the relevant internet address.
  8. School administrators are responsible for the healthy determination and application of the team representing the schools and uploading the signed-stamped approval document mentioned in matter 7 to the system and they will be directly contacted in case of a problem.
  9. Total quota of KodFL is 23 teams. After the 23rd application, the applied teams will be included in the waitlist.
  10. Participants will be notified about their participation status by e-mail on February 5.
  11. The teams removed from the competition due to the specified reasons will be replaced with teams from the reserve list in the order of applications.
  12. A team may bring another student to the competition if the main members cannot come due to specific conditions, provided that the new member is at the same school as the competitors of a team. At this time, the new membership to the team can be documented by a student certificate in which the competitor is in the same school as the other team Members.
  13. When teams come to the competition, they must bring only 1 (one) computer.
  14. It is forbidden to use multiple monitors during the competition.
  15. All details of the KodFL competition questions and evaluation are as described in the implementation and evaluation of the competition section.
  16. The KodFL competition can be found on this website (www.kodfl.com) on all sites for calendar, schedule, purpose, rules, seminars, awards and communication. The details found on any other site or source should not be taken into consideration.
  17. After completing the KodFL competition decision form; All rules of the KodFL contest are expected to be adopted and competitors do not have the right to challenge them.
  18. Through the KodFL competition, teams that do not comply with the rules of school space use within the school rules may eventually be disqualified or removed from the campus.
  19. It is free to apple to  the KodFL contest.
  20. Expenses like accommodation and commute to the Kocaeli Science High School will not be given by the KodFL executive board, competitors should supply these on their own. KodFL Executive Committee is about the expenses when there is lunch and snacks in Kocaeli Science High School.

* KodFL Executive Board has the right to make changes on the terms of participation. Before or during the competition, all changes that are made to the rules will be announced to all competitors simultaneously.

Implementation and Evaluation of the Competition

The implementation of our competition will be done through the “www.hackerrank.com” platform. The number and score of the questions of our competition will be determined and written by KodFL Academic Board. The score value of each question in our competition will be stated in the question text. The solution codes written by the competitors will be tested with ’testcases * which have been determined and uploaded to the system and scoring will be done accordingly. The testcases will provide the pre-prepared inputs to the contestants’ code and expect for the appropriate output answer from the code. The codes written by the competitors must provide the desired output in the desired format and completely. Otherwise, no points will be given from the question.

Evaluation of the competition will be done instantly on the same platform. The rankings will be made automatically by the hackerrank platform’s score calculation algorithms according to the number of correct answers and the time to solve the questions.

* Testcases are output forms that provide the correct score and test the codes that the contestants submit as solutions to the questions by the system.