Purpose of Competition

  1. To ensure that the software field, which has begun to shape our lives to a great extent today and which will increase its impact on our world in the future, will be spread among high school and secondary school students and to facilitate understanding of this field.
  2. To provide the students with the ability to solve problems with the help of coding and to develop this ability.
  3. To give information about how to use coding actively in their lives in problem solving.
  4. Organizing an activity that will create a fun learning environment for students interested in coding and robotics in our province. In addition, it create an active communication network between students.
  5. To provide students with basic knowledge about computer science and artificial intelligence technologies.
  6. To inspire students with lectures to be given by engineers and academicians who are experts in their fields on topics such as artificial intelligence, computer science, machine learning, robotics and electronics.
  7. To enable the participants to communicate and receive information and inspiration from engineers and academicians who are experts in the fields of software, computer science and artificial intelligence. 
  8. To ensure that they take these issues to the basis of their choices while making their future plans.

Competition Rules

  1. Contestants are now allowed to use devices like mobile phones, tablets or similar communication devices during competition. When starting the contest, the contestants’ mobile phones or etc. communication devices will be requested to be turned off and lent to the floor staff.
  2. During the competition, teams which are found to be usinng mobile phones or etc. devices will be disqualified.
  3. Each team can use 1 (one) computer during the competition. Teams need to bring their own computer.
  4. Teams found to have used more than one computer during the competition will be disqualified.
  5. The score value of each question in the competition is predetermined by KodFL Academic Board according to their difficulty levels.
  6. The total score of the questions solved will be taken into account in the final ranking of the competition. For equality distortion, the solution times of the questions will be taken into account.
  7. The programming languages ​​that can be used to solve the questions during the competition will be explained to all competitors by KodFL Academic Board. Different programming languages ​​may be required for different questions in the competition.
  8. It is not possible to use block based programming languages ​​(Scratch, Mblock, etc…) in the high school category of KodFL competition. High school contestants will not be supported for these programs. In the middle school category, KodFL competitors can use block-based programming languages only including ​​Scratch, Mblock and Flowgorithm to solve questions.
  9. KodFL competition duration is 2 hours for middle school category and 3 hours 30 minutes for high school category.
  10. If teams present more than one solution for a question, the solution with the highest score is considered.
  11. Competitors may use the books or local files and codes they bring with them as sources during the competition.
  12. Any teams found to have committed violations of rules, such as duplication and cheating, such as accessing non-authorized websites in different ways, contacting other teams or receiving external support, are going to be disqualified during the competition.

* KodFL Executive Board has the right to make changes on the competition rules. Before or during the competition, all changes that are made to the rules will be announced to all competitors simultaneously.