In which language will the competition questions be? In English?

KodFL competition is in Turkish. All questions will be in Turkish.

Is the use of the Hackerrank platform in English?

Languages that Hackerrank support includes English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Russina, Spanish and Ukranian.

What is Hackerrank, can you give us information?

HackerRank is a technology company that enables software developers to develop themselves in a competitive environment. To learn more about using Hackerrank:

Hackerrank Presentation and Sample Questions

Are there block coding languages? What languages ​​are available?

We have made our platform compatible with Scratch, Mblock and Flowgorithm block based programming languages ​​to be used in the competition upon the intensive demand from our middle school participants to block based programming languages.

Teams who wish to use text-based programming languages ​​(Python, C, Java, etc.) will use the Hackerrank platform, and for those who wish to use block-based programming languages, such as Scratch, Mblock, and Flowgorithm there will be another solution. Any block-based language other than these three languages ​​will not be accepted.

In the middle school category of KodFL, the own applications of Scratch and MBlock languages ​​will not be used. Instead, the Scratch and MBlock languages will be used with platforms called “Snap!” and “Turtle-Editor”.

For more detailed information about Snap:

For more detailed information about Turtle-Editor:

Flowgorithm’s own application can be used for the language of Flowgorithm. In the high school category, there is no change, block based languages ​​are not accepted. As it is not suitable to solve the questions we will ask in our contest, we cannot accept applicants to participate in the contest with Kodu Game Lab.

Can Arduino coding be used for solving questions?

Although the Arduino IDE Software is written in Java and Processing, the Arduino libraries and encoding are based on C / C ++ languages. Hackerrank does not have an Arduino language option, but it is familiar with C / C ++ languages ​​with Arduino knowledge. C / C ++ languages ​​can be used in our competition.

What does problem-solving skills mean? Will there be problems for us to solve?

Problem Solving has the following definition:

“Problem Problem solving is the cognitive process to turn a particular situation into a result state when there is no clear solution method for the problem solver.”

Ability to Solve Problems with Coding, which forms the basis of KodFL Contest, has the same goal: to find the result. The problem is tried to be reached by using the facilities of computer technology.

The questions in the KodFL contest are like a kind of math problem, but the difference is that programming is needed to solve them.

Is there any robotics workshop, product development or robotics workshop?

It could be a great idea for the KodFL contests we’re going to do in the years to come. For now, KodFL only consists of questions on programming and problem-solving capabilities.

Will the questions be based on each grade level?

No, different questions will not be asked according to class level. For middle and high school categories, the levels of questions and questions will be different.

Where will the competition be? Will the competitors in the computer lab be together?

KodFL competition will be held in Kocaeli Science High School. During the competition, each team will have a separate classroom and the competitors will not be allowed to communicate with other team members during the competition. Thus, the team members will be able to brainstorm among themselves to solve questions.